Example Quote

Example Quote

Directors Charges

Professional Fees £1250.00
Caring for your loved one £450.00
Provision of a Hearse and necessary Pallbearers £500.00
Provision of the Enford Coffin £450.00

Total of our Charges –  £2650.00


External Payments
Dr Medical Fee £ 82.00
Funeral Celebrant £225.00
Charlton Park Crematorium £750.00

Total External Charges£1057.00

Total Cost  –  £3707.00



The quote is for a 30 minute service at Charlton Park Crematorium Andover and includes internet webcasting and a visual tribute. For 60 minute service the cost is £900

Salisbury Crematorium costs are £900 for a 35 minute service and an additional £30 for webcast

Also to be taken into consideration are Embalming if required, Obituaries, Orders of Service and Flowers etc. 

Contact Us

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 01980 624300
Post: James’s Family Services, The Centre, Amesbury, SP4 7DR

Alternatively please use the below contact form;

The Anubis Foundation

Applications for assistance are open to those that cannot afford to pay for funeral charges nationwide.


Here at James’ Family Services we believe in helping those that cannot afford to pay for funeral charges. We have created the Anubis Foundation in order to provide support to those individuals.

From every funeral we hold we pay a donation to the Anubis Foundation. So by entrusting us with your loved ones you also help others that could be in need.